Monday, July 30, 2007

He's Only 2!!!

Yes, he finally did it. Ogden can now ride a bike without training wheels. He's been wanting to do it all summer since I was too lazy to put the training wheels back on it after Anna took them off, so we just started working on it. The other night we went outside to practice (which we hadn't done in a long time since it's been so hot) and he took off on his first try. I couldn't believe it. I was running trying to catch up to him in case he fell, but he did so well. We do still need to work on his steering and stopping, but at least we have a start.
Justin helping Ogden go with a little "help" from Scotty.
Ogden taking off!!
(Yes, that is a girl's bike, but does it really matter? Ha ha)


becky ward said...

Unbelievable! Way to go Ogden!

Elise said...

Holy cow-- maybe Ogden can come and teach our almost-six-year-old how to ride a bike!! Way to go!

Jeremy Ogden said...

Can he take it off any sweet jumps?

Elena said...

Yeah, I want to see the sweet jumps! That is so cool that he can do that. I need to Carter try.

Marta said...

That's great that Ogden can ride a bike - now he can pull you in the trailer! That way you'll be assured of keeping him in your sights.