Thursday, May 28, 2009

Anna's Gymnastics Performance

Last weekend, Anna had her year-end gymnastics extravaganza. It was a crowded house which made for awful picture taking. I couldn't believe how people would just get up and walk right in front of everyone in the middle of a performance. Needless to say, most of my pictures are of strangers standing in the way. I even had Ellie standing on a table trying to get better shots, but we'll just say, she needs a little work on waiting for the focus before clicking the button.
Anna did a great job, though, and has loved her gym class this year. She's getting to be quite the gymnast, and my furniture is getting quite wore out!

Way to go, Anna!
(and nice farmer tan)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ogden's Quotes of the Day

Quote #1:

Ogden: Mom, let's go buy some money so you can sign me up for swimming lessons!

Quote #2:

Ogden: Mom, can I have a fruit snack?

Mom: I don't have any fruit snacks.

Ogden: You've got to learn how to buy some.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Truman's Birthday

Friday was Truman's birthday but Justin was gone on a fly fishing trip, so Truman had to wait until Justin got home on Saturday night to get his cake and presents. Something tells me he didn't really mind.

He was so fun to watch and actually caught on to the present unwrapping pretty fast.

I think he was more excited for a big box to climb on than to actually play with his lawn mower.

I had to get a little bubble lawn mower because they always remind me of Clay.
When Clay was little, our neighbor girl had a little bubble lawn mower and he would sneak over to their house every day and steal it. He's pretty smart because my parents finally bought him his own so he'd leave hers alone.

I can already tell Truman and I are going to spend many hours together this summer.

I was trying to find a good idea for a cake and came across this little monkey one. I always call Truman "my little monkey", so this was perfect. Oh, and don't mind the creepy face. I couldn't find the black licorice ropes I needed and the only thing I could find in my cupboards were sliced almonds. I know it looks a little scary but it tasted delicious. And guess what kind of cake is inside? You bet ya, banana!! Mmm, yum!
I think he liked it!!
We hope you had a fun day, Truman, you're getting way too big!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, TRUMAN

Today is Truman's big day!! He is now a great big one year old. What a fun year it has been.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Tru!