Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We Love Cousins

We had such a fun weekend with most of the Manwaring cousins. We were only missing Katie's girls, who were truly missed. On Friday we met at the park for a picnic and ended up staying for hours because the kids were having such a great time. That night they all got to go to a Chukars game with Grandpa, Brandon, Kevin, and Jarom (Justin was at Scout Camp), and yes, those four guys took all of those kids, all 11 kids. They did survive, despite losing Ogden for quite a while, and we girls were able to enjoy Hairspray one more time.
On Saturday, the kids got to spend another day together and had a blast. It was so nice to spend time with our family for a short while and can't wait to see more of them again.
Ogden, Anna, Payson, Keagen, Halle, Ellie, and Alyssa
Alyssa and Payson stole their moms' cameras and started sneaking photos of everyone. It was so cute. I tried to sneak in a few while they were posing.
I love this picture of Keagen, Ellie, and Halle. Don't they just look like they're up to something?

Monday, July 30, 2007

He's Only 2!!!

Yes, he finally did it. Ogden can now ride a bike without training wheels. He's been wanting to do it all summer since I was too lazy to put the training wheels back on it after Anna took them off, so we just started working on it. The other night we went outside to practice (which we hadn't done in a long time since it's been so hot) and he took off on his first try. I couldn't believe it. I was running trying to catch up to him in case he fell, but he did so well. We do still need to work on his steering and stopping, but at least we have a start.
Justin helping Ogden go with a little "help" from Scotty.
Ogden taking off!!
(Yes, that is a girl's bike, but does it really matter? Ha ha)

Rainy Days

Last week we had a few cloudy days and a little rain. One rainy day the girls asked if they could have a popsicle, but our rule is, popsicles have to be eaten outside. That didn't stop them, so they grabbed their umbrellas and headed out to eat their popsicles. The neighbor girl, McKinley, thought it looked fun, too, so she joined them. They had so much fun. I always love it when it rains in the summer, it's such a nice change from the hot weather.
Anna, McKinley, Ogden and Ellie playing in the rain.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday to my dad today (Friday). We hope you have one great weekend of a birthday. We're sure looking forward to the German chocolate cake. Boy, do you have good taste. You are such a fun dad and we're so glad that we get to spend so much time with you. Let's just hope you don't get any visits from the old kidney stones today. It is a holiday, you know. We wish you the best.
Happy Birthday!
Dad and Clay at the airport
Dad putting Ogden to sleep

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Losers, Once Again!!

Yes, it's that time of year again. Time for the annual Melaleuca family picnic. Like always, we headed out on what always seems like the hottest day of the year to get our fill of fresh roasted whole pigs, nasty potato salad, and runny baked beans. Ooh, doesn't it make your mouth water? If that wasn't bad enough, we came home with nothing. Zero. Zilch. Can you believe it? This is our 9th year attending the party, and we've still only won once (a dremel that I think we even used once).
I guess I shouldn't say we all came home empty handed. The kids had a great time. They are finally old enough to enjoy all of the toys and games on their own (without me having to go on all of them with them). The best part of the party were the balloon animals, etc. We had to wait in line for about an hour, but it was worth it. The guy who made them was amazing. He made anywhere from monkeys in a tree to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Yes, Clay, that's right, TMNT. Leonardo was his specialty. He made Ellie a cute princess crown, Anna an adorable Daisy Duck, and Ogden a cute elephant.
Anna, Ellie, and Ogden on a ride; Ogden, Anna and Ellie with balloons; kids on a ride;
Ellie and Ogden with balloons; Ogden's elephant; Ellie's princess crown;
kids playing miniature golf; Anna's Daisy Duck; all of the fun toys, rides, and games.
When we got to the party, each of the kids were given a cowboy hat. I thought there was no way they would wear them, but they loved them. They've been playing cowboys constantly. When we got into the car to go home, Ogden put on his hat and said, "I'm a cowboy riding my horse. Yee haw!"
Ogden and Ellie riding their "horses" with their new hats.
In all, it was a fun day. I think the kids will probably want us to go back next year, win or not.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom and Melissa

Today my mom and my sister-in-law, Melissa get to share a birthday! I won't give out any ages, just that they're 29 years apart. You can do the math.
I hope you have a wonderful birthday, mom. You've taught me so much. Let's just hope it pays off when I make your cake today. We're so happy we can spend part of your day with you.
Happy Birthday!!!
I thought that it was funny that the only pictures I have of Melissa are with a big group of kids. She has the gift of making kids love her. We hope you have a great day, Melissa.
Happy Birthday!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Alex and Gabby

Wednesday was my niece, Gabbrielle's birthday. I missed the chance to wish her a happy #2, so I hoped she wouldn't mind sharing it with Alex. I'm sure if she were to pick someone it would probably be Alex. You are such an adorable little girl, Gabby, pacifier and all.

I wanted to wish Alex a super fun #12. I can't believe you are growing up so fast. You are such a cute, talented girl, and the best little babysitter. We hope you have a great day. I'm sure your mom has many things cooked up for you today. Happy Birthday, Alex.

We wish the two of you the best birthdays ever!!

Good Ol' Yellow Pine

Justin asked for the week off to go to Scout Camp this week, but it got changed to next week. So, Sunday afternoon we decided that we wanted to do something fun while Justin already had the time off. After making a few calls to my grandma and my parents, we decided we would make the drive to Yellow Pine. After many other calls, we finally found someone to make the trek with us. Our friends, the Daws, were able to get away and spend Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with us. We had such a good time riding and relaxing.

This is a picture of all of us in front of the Yellow Pine sign on Monday.
Justin, Amber, Ellie, Ogden, Anna, McKinley, Chandler, Angie, and Halle
On Tuesday we went for a small 4 wheeler ride to a mining town. Poor Halle had to be strapped to her parents and held tight over each bump. She was quite the trooper. We weren't able to stay too long, just enough to eat a snack and look around before we noticed that there were some dark clouds above us. We had to ride home a little faster than the ride there. Ogden was riding with me and kept telling me, "Not so fast, mom," and pulling my hand off the gas.

All of us in front of the mine.
Angie, Anna, Chandler and Halle, Ellie, McKinley, Ogden, Justin, and Amber
After our quick ride and a little rain, we had lunch and took our friends around the town. The kids got a kick out of the old library. These people are hilarious. The kids got a kick out of the boots they put out front for decoration. I think they might use them as planters sometimes. What a step up from tires. If you look close you can even see a pair of ski boots behind Ellie.
In front of the old Yellow Pine Library
McKinley, Anna, Ogden, and Ellie
After a hot day of fun, we decided to head down to the river to cool off. Justin and Chandler took us to a spot they found while attempting to fish that morning. While fishing, they saw 2 buck, and when we arrived at the spot we saw a doe just leaving. It was so beautiful. The water was freezing cold, but Justin and Chandler finally dipped in. They had a lot of fun trying to swim against the current. They finally made their way up to some rocks and rapids and then let the current push them back down.

Justin and Chandler swimming in the river
The kids had a fun time playing in the sand on the shore and wading in the water. We did eventually get them out to the water, but I think they thought it was just as cold as we did.

Ogden, McKinley, Anna, Ellie
I wasn't planning on getting too wet in the water, so I just wore my clothes and planned on rolling up my pants to wade. That was a good idea until I saw how much fun Justin and Chandler were having in the water and wished I had wore my suit. They finally convinced me to just get in with my clothes on and I took the plunge. It was freezing cold but I was glad I did it. Justin was so proud of me for getting in, so he took a picture of me in my soaking wet clothes.
We had a super fun trip and after all the packing and cleaning was done, we were ready to begin the long drive home.

In front of the cabin: Anna, Ellie, Amber, Justin, and Ogden
I wasn't kidding about the long drive. We drove for 2 hours down winding dirt roads and then another hour on winding paved roads. It was a little too much for Ogden. He kept telling us he was going to "fo ub," and he wasn't kidding. We had to stop a few times to let him get out and get some air, but he still ended up puking a little in the car.

Justin and Ogden taking a break along the winding road.
In all, we had a great time. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Morgan for letting us use all of your stuff and to dad for your truck. And thanks to the Daws for being such fun friends.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Owen is 2!!

Today is the 2nd birthday of my nephew, "Little Owen", as he's called in our house (as opposed to the "Big Owen" in my family). I included these pictures to show how much he's grown in this time. We hope you have a super fun day, Owen. And don't worry, we'll be at your birthday party this year. Happy Birthday, Owen!!!
Owen, Easter 2006- 9 months

Owen, July 3, 2007- almost 2!

Dress Up Days

Ellie and Anna started dressing up this morning. They love to put on music and dance. The only bad part is Ogden likes to do everything they do.

I've learned that I need to find some little boy dress up clothes. Ogden has now resorted to grass skirts. I suppose there are men who wear grass skirts. At least he wasn't wearing a leotard .

Just as I was getting this post ready, Anna brought Ogden upstairs and said, "Here's a fireman." I guess they've resorted to creating their own boy dress up clothes.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Chris turns 36

Today is my brother-in-law, Chris's, birthday! I thought this picture of him was perfect. Who doesn't think of Chris without seeing a big Y? We hope you have a great day and that your girls spoil you rotten. Happy Birthday, Chris!
Go, Mighty Cougars!!!

Today is my oldest sister, Camille's, birthday! We hope you have a great day, Cami. Maybe Barry can make you the fun sugar-free pineapple upside down cake this time. Lucky you! We won't tell everyone how old you are, we'll just say you're my older sister by 7 years. We love you and hope you're feeling well.
Happy Birthday, Cami!

Not only is it Camille's birthday, but she gets to share her special day with our dog, Scotty. Scotty turns 7 years old today. I can't believe we've kept him around this long, and I'm pretty sure no one else can, either. We are happy to have him in our family, though. He's older than all of our kids. He has added many years of fun and turmoil to our home.

Happy Birthday, Scotty!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

July 4th Fun

We had a fun time this week. On Tuesday night we went to Wolverine canyon with Gregg and Anna, Ben and Kaylin, and Kevin, Becky, Owen, and Wes. The kids had a fun time and the best part was we weren't too far from home, so I talked Justin into letting us just stay for dinner and hang out and then drive home that night so we could sleep in our own beds.
Owen, Anna, Ogden and Ellie playing in the stream.
The kids had a little too much fun while we were there. They got a little bored playing in the dirt, so they decided to wade in the little stream. I think Ellie was the only one who ended up just wading. Ogden, Owen, and Anna were drenched and filthy and my kids only had sweaters to wear home. When we got home that night, we went to put the kids to bed. I was helping Anna get changed and when we pulled off her underwear a tic climbed out. I was sure glad we came home that night.

Justin and Ogden showing off Ogden's dirty hands.

On Wednesday afternoon, we were able to go to Rod and Nancy Lilya's house for a barbecue with my parents and my friend Darci and her family . The kids had a lot of fun on Rod's one-of-a-kind play area and playing on the slip-n-slide while the rest of us enjoyed some great food. Thanks for the great ham and steak kabobs, guys.

Anna coming down the slip-n-slide. She got rather creative on her slides. I wasn't able to catch all of them, though.
Ellie coming down the slip-n-slide in one of her creative moves.
Ogden got a little too much speed and slid onto the grass. He had a blast.
After we wore out our welcome at the Lilyas, we headed to our friends, the Cannons, for another barbecue with neighbors and ward members.
The kids had fun letting off fireworks. Ogden was hilarious. Whenever he would hear fireworks in the neighborhood, he would run around the yard yelling, "Fireworks, fireworks." I think this is the first year he wasn't afraid of them and now he's making up for lost time.

After everyone settled down, we had a seat on the lawn and watched the Blackfoot fireworks show. It was a modest display, but it sure beat having to go through all of the traffic in Idaho Falls.

We hope everyone had a fun holiday!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Anna's Tooth

Last night we were at my parent's house. Anna was in the kitchen coloring and eating a popsicle. She came and found me and said, "I can't find my tooth." I thought she was just teasing me, but she really couldn't find it. Apparently, she bit into her popsicle, which pulled out her tooth and when she realized there was something she couldn't chew, she went and spit it in the garbage. I went to look in the garbage, and sure enough, there was her tooth sitting right there on top (luckily).She was so proud of her little lost tooth. It's so tiny. Now I can't wait to cut all of the corn off the cob for two kids this summer.

Anna holding her tooth with a dollar she got.