Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ellie's 8th Birthday

Monday was Ellie's 8th birthday. And what a day it was. The poor girl was sick and had to stay home from school. She still managed to make the best of it. She's such a good girl and doesn't let little things like being sick ruin her day. She somehow managed to enjoy it and let us enjoy it with her.

She seemed to be feeling better as the day went on. Then, just as I was putting the candles on her cake, she ran to the bathroom to throw up. She never even had a piece of her cake. Of course, she could still smile. What a good girl we've been blessed with.
We hope you still had a good birthday, Ellie, and we're so excited for you to be baptized next month. It's been a great 8 years!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Someone slow this boy down!!

The other night Justin was downstairs at the computer while Truman played on the floor by him. I went down and sat at the bottom of the stairs. I was sitting on the second step when all of a sudden, Truman was right next to me. We couldn't believe it, so we watched and helped him to see if he could make it all the way to the top.

He did it, and he was one happy boy!

Happy Birthday, Gregg!

Sunday was Justin's dad's 57th birthday. I don't know if there are enough nice things to say about this guy! He is such a fun grandpa who always does special little things for his grandkids, and few people are as kind and charitable as Gregg. We hope you enjoyed your day and thanks so much for letting us spend it with you.
Happy Birthday!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Anna's Thanksgiving play and North Carolina pics

The first graders at Anna's school did a cute little Thanksgiving play. Anna, although dressed as a pilgrim, played the part of the blue turkey. She had a fun time and was so cute waving at Ogden and me the whole time.
If you can't find her, she's on the front row, white shirt, pink flower skirt.
Ogden and Anna after the play.
And here are a few pictures from my trip to see Sally and her girls in North Carolina. Sally's husband, Aric, was deployed to Iraq in September, so I got to go out and visit and fly with them back to Idaho. We had so much fun and I just love those girls so much!

Addie is such a silly little girl. I had so much fun spending time with her.

Sally even took me to see the beach. It was quite chilly, but very pretty and I even picked up a few shells to bring home to the kids. Nothing like free souvenirs!

Megan, Addie, and Sally and Olivia.

Megan would crack us up every night trying to do bridges like Addie. She was so proud of herself for lifting her little bottom in the air.

I had such a good time and I'm so excited we get to spend even more together now!

Thanks for the great stay, Sally!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Birthday Wishes!

Okay, so I realize that I have been MIA for quite a while now. I've been super busy and even spent a week in North Carolina with my sister. I'll post a little on that later. First, I need to catch up on some very belated birthday wishes. I think I was so overwhelmed with all of the birthdays that I missed, that I kept on putting off getting posts up, so here it goes!
Today is my super cute niece, Megan's, birthday. She is 2 now and has definitely won my heart. We had so much fun together while I was staying with her and I'm so glad she'll be here for a while so I can watch her grow even more.
On December 1st, my brother-in-law, Kevin, turned the big 3-0. Kevin is such a good, soft spoken guy and is a great help to the whole family with all of his skills as a physical therapist. We hope you had a great birthday, Kevin.

Justin's youngest sister, Natalie, turned 23 on the 30th of November. Natalie is such an adorable girl who knows how to have fun. I absolutely love being around Natalie, it could be that she and Justin are so much alike, but I just love her too and she even makes a nice running buddy. Hope you had a great birthday, Nat, and thanks for letting us celebrate with you.

My nephew, Micah, had his 2nd birthday on the 29th of November. He is one handsome guy who just makes your heart melt. We hope you had a fun birthday and we can't wait to see you later this month.
My sister-in-law, Kaylin, turned 25 on the 20th of November. Kaylin is so crafty and such a good decorator. She also has one cute little boy who looks a lot like her. We hope you had a great day, Kaylin!
My niece, Kate, turned 3 on the 18th of November. She is such a doll and full of spunk and I just love to watch what she is doing. Thanks for letting us share your belated birthday with you, Kate. You're such a little princess.
Justin's mom turned ... on November the 17th. What an amazing mother-in-law I've been blessed with. She is so amazing and talented and so much fun for my kids. She always has such fun activities planned and is one amazing cook! And we just happened to name our second born after her. Happy birthday, Anna!
My nice, Halle, turned the big number 8 on November 15th and is getting baptized this Saturday. Halle is such a fun girl and comes up with the cutest things. I don't think there is anyone my girls love playing with more than Halle. She is such a doll and always keeps everyone on their toes. Happy Birthday, Halle!