Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ogden's 4th Birthday!

Sunday was Ogden's birthday and now he's officially 4!! What a big kid he is, although he pretty much thinks he's 14. He had a pretty fun day,though. We kept reminding him how lucky he was to get to go to church on his birthday, so he thought that was pretty cool.
He's finally moved on to a real boy bike. No turquoise and purple for this kid any more. It kind of helps that the tires on the old bike were so bald that you could see through them. I can't wait to see the stunts he'll learn to pull on this one.
He told us that he wanted a Star Wars cake. It seems to be a Star Wars year for him.
These are what we came up with to share with the family Sunday night.

Ewok cupcakes

And if you're familiar with Star Wars, which I thought everyone was until we told my cousin, Marcus, that we made Ewok cupcakes and he said, "What's an ewok?", then you might recall the scene we tried to recreate here.
It turned out to be a pretty fun day for our newest 4 year old.
Happy Birthday, Ogden!

Happy Birthday, Sami!

Our niece, Samantha, turns eleven years old today. What a wonderful girl. There are few sweeter than Sami and she's such a great helper. We hope you have a wonderful day and we're excited to get to see you this weekend!
Happy Birthday!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Do We Scare You?

We had some strange little characters at our house Friday night, can you guess who they are?
Truman as Yoda
Ogden as Anakin Skywalker

Anna as Minnie Mouse

Ellie as Dorothy

Getting ready to spook the neighborhood

And, yes, I am one proud mother! Can you believe that organization?