Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Melaleuca Day at the Zoo

Saturday was the annual Melaleuca Zoo Day. The kids had a lot of fun. Ellie got a little scared when we would look at the tigers and lions. We reassured her that they couldn't get out of their cages, but she hates being in any situation that might cause anyone harm, so we settled for the tiger statue instead.
Ogden on the other hand is the total opposite. He was mesmerized by the ferocious animals. We had a hard time pulling him away to take a picture.
Ellie, Ogden, and Anna posing with the tiger.
Ellie's favorite animal to see is always the flamingos. She loves them, although peacocks are coming in at a close tie.
Anna, Ellie, and Ogden posing as flamingos. Well, the girls are at least.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, Grandpa

Today (June 25th) is my Grandpa Morgan's 79th birthday. We wanted to wish you the best birthday, grandpa. I'm now learning that I need to take more pictures of my family members. This is the only one I had in my files. I thought it was a pretty good one, though. It's how I always remember you.
We hope you have a great day. And I just wanted to tell you thanks for the great looks. You've always reminded me that they came from you. It looks like you're right.
We love you, grandpa.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Banzai Blast

Can you believe this thing? It is crazy big. What a blast we had this weekend. Anna bought this new Banzai Falls Double slide. It has one big slide and a smaller one that sprays water on you when you slide down. It is so much fun. Each family gets a turn with it and we got to be the first this year! Lucky us!! I think the neighbors thought we were crazy. It's almost as tall as our house. Let's just say, it's not that easy to hide.

So,on Friday, we invited the whole neighborhood over to play (to lay the rumors to rest). We got a few families that did show up. We had so much fun on it. We spent just about the whole day out there.

Ellie and Anna getting ready for a ride.

The kids had so much fun playing with the neighbors. After everyone went home, I finally jumped on and went for a slide. I couldn't believe it was so much fun. I think I'm going to have to put it up again this week just for kicks.

Ellie, Ogden, McKinley(the neighbor girl), and Anna

We loved watching Ogden climb up the little steps to get to the top. They were a little far apart for his short little legs, but you know Ogden, nothing is going to stop him from what he wants.

We had to get a picture of this. My kids have never burned before, so I always forget to put on sunscreen. I have now learned my lesson. Too bad they're the ones who have to pay the price. My shoulders are rather sore, though.
Isn't that the cutest little line on his back?

We finally got Justin to wade in the little pool Friday night. He hasn't ventured up to the top to take the big plunge yet. He's been wanting to get out the little trampoline to see if he can bounce himself up to the top of the slides so he doesn't have to climb.

We sure had a good weekend.

We're hoping this picture of Ogden will melt your hearts enough to send money to the June 2007 water bill fund. Cash or check preferred.

$$$$$$$$ Isn't he the cutest?!!!!$$$$$$$$
Thanks so much, Anna, we had a great time!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Geology 101

Last night for Family Home Evening the kids wanted to go for a walk. Justin and I were getting a little tired of walking around our neighborhood and Jensen's Grove, so we decided to venture out a little further. We took the kids to the rest stop to walk the little loop around the lavas. Justin was so excited to teach the girls about all of the the rock formations there. It did bring back nice memories of our geology days (you know, where we met), but he seems to recall so much more than I do. He must have actually studied that semester. I was a little distracted.
We had a fun time looking for wildlife. Despite the baby tics we found on all the sagebrush, we did manage to spot a few rabbits. Ogden was a pro at finding them. He kept telling us he saw a bunny and we didn't believe him. And then we would look where he was pointing and he really did see them. I figured it was because he was closer to the ground than we were.
Justin and the kids watching a rabbit. They would just sit there and let us look at them (the rabbits). They were so cute and some were rather large.

Our fun family picture on the lookout deck.

Afterwards we went home and enjoyed a nice box of donuts. The kids thought that was such a fun treat. I thought it was a nice change from ice cream cones.

Monday, June 18, 2007

What a great Father's Day

On Saturday, Justin got to go golfing with his dad and brothers and all of the brother-in-laws except Chris and Blake. They had a great time. The best part for us was seeing all of their sunburned faces. Wow, were they red. Afterwards, we went to his parent's house for a barbecue and a chance for the kids (and a few adults) to play on grandma's new waterslide.
After church on Sunday, Justin got to open the presents the kids got him. He got a tennis racket so he can teach the girls tennis. They got rackets earlier in the year and Justin's been so excited to teach them. He was just minus a racket. We did have a hard time wrapping it, though. Have you ever tried wrapping something that strange? I was searching all over for a gift bag or something for it to fit in, when I remembered my wise, older brother Jeremy. He always wrapped my birthday presents in pillow cases. I thought that might be a little too small, so we improvised and used a black garbage bag with a nice ribbon tied around it. We pulled it off well. Thanks Jay.

The favorite gift of the day was the nerf ball blaster. We've had a little too much fun with it. Justin's now using it as a tool to get the kids to do what he wants. When we were putting them to bed tonight, he got out the gun and was ready to shoot anyone not obeying. Ooh, scary.

Later that day, we were able to go to my parent's house for dinner with my dad and to see Clay and Jen while they were in town. Boy, was it good. I tried a new recipe for Cherry Rhubarb Crunch that I got from Grandma Freidenberger. It was a hit. Thanks grandma.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Park Hopping

We've had a fun time this week hitting different parks. On Tuesdays, our neighborhood has a play day at the park. The kids have a lot of fun, but poor Ogden is the only little boy there. He doesn't really enjoy hanging out with a bunch of girls the whole time and ends up throwing sand at everyone. Hmm... imagine that! Ellie coming off the slide
Anna coming down with the neighbor kids

Ogden stuck in the middle of girls
On Wednesday I had to run some errands in Idaho Falls, so we decided to stop at the park and have lunch. When the kids went to play on the toys, there were a bunch of boys that were blocking the top of the slides saying, "No girls allowed."
Ellie and Ogden kept coming and asking me to do something, but I wanted them to figure it out for themselves. Finally, tough Annie outsmarted the boys and climbed up the slide from the bottom and slid down. The boys were pretty upset and the rest of my kids weren't afraid of them anymore.
I knew Anna's fiestiness would pay off eventually. Way to go, Anna.

Anna, Ogden, and Ellie after they scared away the boys.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Adeline

Today is my niece, Addie's birthday. I can't believe she is 3. She's such an adorable little girl and I can't wait until we get to see her again. We hope you have a great day, Addie. You're the cutest little ladybug ever.