Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ogden's Quotes of the Day

Quote #1:

Ogden: Mom, let's go buy some money so you can sign me up for swimming lessons!

Quote #2:

Ogden: Mom, can I have a fruit snack?

Mom: I don't have any fruit snacks.

Ogden: You've got to learn how to buy some.


Marta said...

That's hilarious. Who would have thought you'd need spending lessons from Ogden.

Mardie said...

:) lol. Why didn't I think of going and buying some money. That would have been a useful lesson. :)

Elena said...

Hey, when you go buy that money, would mind grabbing some for me too? :)

Kade and Emily said...

Do you get a good rate on the money you buy?

Misti said...

Thos are so funny!!! Will you buy me some money too!

Anonymous said...

if only...what a funny little guy! and i love that picture of ellie on the side. who took it?

The Montaño’s said...

Those are HI-larious! So cute!!! I love how kids minds think. Keeps life interesting.

The Bodkin's said...

Ogden is a poster child! What a sweetheart! He asked me yesterday if I had any fruit snacks too, I was so bummed to tell him no. But I will have some on hand for next time!!