Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Clay and Grandma!!

Today my brother, Clay and my Grandma Morgan get to share a birthday. It's so nice when two of your favorite people get to be put on a post together. We hope the two of you have a great day and we can't wait for a great party tonight, Clay, complete with German chocolate cake.

Grandpa Morgan, Clay, and Grandma Morgan
Clay performing his uncle duties.
We wish the two of you the best!!


Becky Ward said...

AMBER! We need an update!

PS Happy belated birthday Clay!

Elena Manwaring said...

SEriously!!!! Where have you gone??? (and yes, p.s. Happy late b-day Clay) :)

Chandler and Angie said...

No kidding, do I need to walk next door and make sure you are still alive???